The outspaced Shrine

Welcome to The outspaced Shrine, home of gamebook aficionado outspaced. The site was completely revamped in August 2006 after languishing for five years as a pretty awful text-based website.

ALL NEW: As of January 2014, The outspaced Shrine has So update your bookmarks, people. I repeat myself, but even more thanks to Jason the webmaster for helping to resurrect ToS from the cyber graveyard.

This website will be updated sporadically as I find the time and have things to post. My current duties over at Project Aon take up much of my free time, as do my SVG flowcharts for gamebooks.

I've taken great pains to have clean HTML code that complies to the W3C standards. As the site is now entirely hand-coded, hopefully there will be fewer errors than before.

This website was especially writted for the Internet.

If you're interested in gamebooks, you may like to check out the two I have written for Tin Man Games:

An Assassin in Orlandes Curse of the Assassin

Hosted Files

I am hosting several gamebook-themed files for other gambook fans who are currently without a personal website. These range from a thesis on gambooks to a large-scale map of Northern Magnamund. Please check out their work.