The Curse of the Yeti

The main character in this story is an adventurer living in the mystical world of Ansk. What is unusual about this character is that he or she looks a lot like you. Exactly like you, in fact. This is because Ansk is a parallel world to our own. The same people that live on Earth populate Ansk; they just perform different roles. Your role on Ansk is that of a would-be hero, a dashing swordsman, a noble knight, or however you would like to be if you lived in a world where the unreal was real.

This adventure is written in typical gamebook format. Start reading from the paragraph where you are instructed to begin. To commence reading this gamebook, please turn to paragraph 1. After reading the opening few paragraphs, which help to set the scene for the adventure, you will be faced with a choice of directions. You must choose where to go, and turn to the paragraph indicated. Eventually you will reach a paragraph where there are no exits. Either you will have "died", meaning that you cannot complete the task set for you, or you will have succeeded. It will be quite apparent which of these applies by the way the paragraph is worded. Do not read paragraphs unless you are specifically instructed to go there; doing so can decrease the fun of the game; and, after all, you do want to have fun, don't you?

This particular gamebook differs from many in that there is no formulated combat system, although you may be asked to roll dice to create a random number. If you do not have any dice handy, you may randomly choose a number. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

What you will need is some paper and something with which to write. This is to record what items you are carrying. You could try just remembering them, but your memory is liable to forget an item you have, or even remember an item you don't have! You start with no items. If in the course of your adventure you come across an item, it will be displayed in Bold Print. Note it down (remembering to pay the price in gold pieces if necessary) and you definitely own the item.

Now that you have read these brief rules, you are almost ready for the adventure. As a final word of warning, I must tell you that Ansk is a dangerous place, populated by monsters and untrustworthy people. You must choose your friends wisely; otherwise, you may live to regret it.

So, buckle on your sword and get ready for action. You will find the beginning of the adventure at paragraph 1.