July 15th 2016:
Added more flowcharts. Finally killed off the images-as-headings and replaced them using @font-face. Which I hope works.

August 15th 2012:
Added the latest revision of Jan's excellent "Big Magnamund Map".

April 15th 2012:
Haven't really been keeping this up to date, have I? Just a quick post to note that the address of the site is now outspaced.org.uk. Oh, and I put Proteus #20 up ages ago, so ignore the request below!

July 11th 2008:
Quite a big update, this time. With huge thanks to Stephane Bechard and his A3 scanner, Proteus #17 and #19 are now available to download. This is quite astounding news, really. When I started this mad PDFing project, I thought it would never get finished, but now all I need to complete the Proteus collection is #20. If anyone has a copy of #20 and access to a scanner, please can you scan the magazine and get in touch with me. I would really like to complete the online set!

July 4th 2008:
I moved again! Jason the Webmaster at www.fightingfantasy.org has kindly offered me enough space to host my website and files. What's more, while the bandwidth is not unlimited, it is no longer as restricted as it is on the WebsiteNetwork Free Hosting deal. That said, I shall be keeping that site alive as a "mirror" site. My old ntlworld site will soon redirect here. I also have a nice site-specific E-mail address, so the Contact button to the left no longer sends to a Hotmail address. Super!

June 18th 2008:
Ben Nelson has sent me his excellent SVG flowchart for Curse of the Mummy, FF #59.

May 21st 2008:
Finally, the problem I was having with .svgz files has been fixed. A huge round of applause for Robert Wellock (aka xhtmlcoder) who sorted a working .htaccess file for me, and also to the wonderful Firefox 3 developers. You will probably be unable to display the .svgz files in your brower if you are still using Fx2.0.0.x, but they do download and display correctly in Fx3. Now that I can Gzip the svg files, that directory has shrunk from 10Mb down to 2Mb. That's progress!

May 20th 2008:
Leigh Loveday sent me some scans of the poster from Proteus #15, meaning that all 17 of the Proteus PDFs are now complete, with the colour posters included. Enjoy!

April 31st 2008:
I got bored of updating this page! My ISP trashed 55Mb of webspace I was probably not supposed to be using, so I needed to find at least 200Mb of free space. Moved to a new free host at the Website Network. Let's see what happens.

August 29th 2006:
Updated SVG flowchart for #49: Siege of Sardath (with thanks to Per Jorner).

August 24th 2006:
Added SVG flowcharts for Fighting Fantasy #48: Moonrunner, and #49: Siege of Sardath.

August 14th 2006:
Added SVG flowcharts for Fighting Fantasy #42: Black Vein Prophecy, #43: Keep of the Lich-Lord, and #45: Spectral Stalkers. General clean-up of SVG page layout. Added a list of known errors in the books SVGed so far.

August 13th 2006:
The SVGZ experiment was a complete failure. I've gone back to the standard SVGs for now; hopefully I've also acquired some more space. Time will tell.

August 12th 2006:
Added SVGZ flowchart for Fighting Fantasy #41: Master of Chaos. Updated all FF flowcharts to SVGZ files due to lack of webspace. These may require additional software to view such as Inkscape.

August 10th 2006:
Added SVG flowchart for Fighting Fantasy #40: Dead of Night. Added links to Amarande's site for other SVG files.

August 9th 2006:
Added SVG flowcharts for Fighting Fantasy #18: Rebel Planet and Fighting Fantasy #25: Beneath Nightmare Castle.

August 8th 2006:
Added SVG flowchart for Fighting Fantasy #13: Freeway Fighter.

August 7th 2006:
Added SVG flowcharts for Fighting Fantasy #57: Magehunter and Fighting Fantasy #28: Phantoms of Fear.

August 6th 2006:
Added SVG flowchart for Fighting Fantasy #16: Seas of Blood.

August 5th 2006:
Added SVG flowchart for Fighting Fantasy #33: Sky Lord.

August 4th 2006:
Added SVG flowchart for Fighting Fantasy #37: Portal of Evil.

August 3rd 2006:
Added SVG flowchart for Fighting Fantasy #17: Appointment with F.E.A.R..

August 2nd 2006:
Added SVG flowcharts for Fighting Fantasy #38: Vault of the Vampire, and also for Choose Your Own Adventure #17: The Race Forever.

August 1st 2006:
Added SVG flowcharts for both volumes of the two-player The Clash of the Princes.

July 30th 2006:
Added SVG flowcharts for all four of Ian Livingstone's Adventures of Goldhawk gamebooks. Altered the Key and colours for the SVG for The Cave of Time.

July 29th 2006:
Added SVG flowchart for Sorcery #4: The Crown of Kings.

July 25th 2006:
Updated the entire site. It's more colourful now. Yes, I do like the colour blue, thank you for asking.