Project Aon is the de facto home of Lone Wolf on the internet. Joe Dever has kindly made the text of his Lone Wolf gamebooks available for free distribution. Unfortunately, those of us who are working on this project are somewhat anal, so the books are being released slower than any of us would like . . . but the quality of the releases are very high. We're fixing incorrect links and typos from the original text, too.

Project Aon

There's also a rather spiffy Project Aon Forum where people discuss all Lone Wolf-related material.

Project Aon Fan Forum

Other fans of the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan have set up a mammoth database of information: The Titannica! What's particularly good about this is that it is a wiki-based system, so fans can liaise and add their own articles to the site.

The Titannica Wiki

To discuss the Fighting Fantasy series, what better place could there be than an unofficial, non-affiliated forum where opinions can be freely expressed without fear of offending the authors and publishers? Blimey, such a place does exist!

The Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forum

Gamebooks are still being written and released for iDevices, Android, and desktop PC by the canny Australian development company Tin Man Games. Keep up to date with their releases on their blog, and via the Gamebook Adventures webpage.

Tin Man Games

Gamebook Adventures

WHDLoad is a cracking little utility that any and all Amiga users with a hard drive simply cannot be without. Coders have written hard drive installs for all those non-installable games, and what's more, they're fixing problems and bugs in them, too. This program (and the installs being written for it) is fantastic.


Gamebooks are a major interest for me--and have been so for many years. Demian Katz's is a well-designed, user-friendly site containing much information about gamebooks--far more than most people will ever want to know!! If you have even a passing interest in gamebooks, I also suggest that you join Demian's Yahoo Gamebooks Mailing List (information for how to join can be found on Demian's website).

The best possible web browser available right now is Mozilla Firefox--and what's more, it's completely free! Also available are a whole host of brilliant Add-ons for Firefox, including DownThemAll, FireFTP, and Linkification. Highly recommended.

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To go alongside Firefox, I cannot recommend highly enough the wonderful AdBlock Plus Add-on by Wladimir Palant to block adverts and reclaim the web from evil advertising companies. The subscription filters such as Easylist and ABP Tracking Filter are excellent for getting the majority of these annoyances blocked.

AdBlock Plus for Firefox