Hosted Files

Northern Magnamund Map
by Jan Charvat

Jan Charvát, a longtime Project Aon volunteer, has created a fantastic map of Northern Magnamund compiled from every one of the maps found in the gamebooks. It shows every town, city, and roadway, and labels most of the forests, lakes, and rivers as well. I am absolutely amazed that he compiled it so accurately and preceisely. He's given his permission for me to host it here on The outspaced Shrine, and I'm very pleased to do so. Click the link and prepare to be amazed!

Addendum: Jan has also sent me a map of Southern Magnamund in the same style, and also a composite map showing both continents! These images are absolutely fantastic, and Jan deserves a huge amount of kudos for managing to compile these.

Big Northern Magnamund Map

Big Southern Magnamund Map

Composite Magnamund Map

Boss Fights
by Zipp Dementia

These two gamebook PDFs I am hosting for one "Zipp Dementia", a regular contributor over on the Project Aon Forum. He feels that some of the "boss fights" in the Lone Wolf books are much too easy, and so he's written a 50-section combat with the Gourgaz from Flight from the Dark, and another 50-section combat with the Helghast from Fire on the Water.

Gourgaz Extended Fight

Helghast Extended Fight

The Rise and Fall of the Gamebook
by Anders Osterberg

Recently Swedish university alumni Anders Österberg sent me a copy of a paper he wrote. Anders has contributed to Project Aon in the past, being instrumental in helping us contact Cyril "Cee Jay" Julien, artist of the Lone Wolf graphic novel The Skull of Agarash. The paper is called The Fall and Rise of the Gamebook and he commented that he would like other gamebook fans to be able to read it. With his kind permission, I am hosting this file on The outspaced Shrine.

The document takes the form of a comparison between the two leading gamebook series, Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf. The two are compared by means of a list of criteria and conclusions drawn from it. Disclaimer: The contents of this file do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the webmaster!

The Rise and Fall of the Gamebook

The Mirror of Death Solution Maps
by Robert Wellock

Robert Wellock has contributed a lot of work to Project Aon over the past couple of years. But he has a dark secret, something that could destroy his credibility. He's a big fan of the 1991 Audiogenic Lone Wolf computer game "The Mirror of Death"! In fact, he is such a fan of the game that he has compiled several solution maps based on the original games and contributed them for use as part of Project Aon. We don't host 'fan-derived works' on the PA site, so while compressed versions of these maps will be used in one of the PDFs, there's no chance of fans seeing the full-scale images. Until now. I am hosting them here in the hope that other fans might enjoy seeing these at original scale.

The Mirror of Death Solution Map: Amstrad

The Mirror of Death Solution Map: Commodore 64

The Mirror of Death Solution Map: IBM PC

The Mirror of Death Solution Map: Spectrum 48K

The Mirror of Death Solution Map: Spectrum 48K (System 4 re-release)

Encyclopedia of Orb
by Michael Spencelayh

Members of the Gamebook Mailing List on Yahoo might remember Michael Specelayh and his masterful Encyclopedia of Orb, covering all aspects of geography and history of the world of Orb as seen in print. References were taken from the Way of the Tiger and DuelMaster series, as well as Talisman of Death and Falcon #4: Lost in Time by authors Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson. Michael has kindly agreed to this wonderful reference being hosted on The outspaced Shrine. Many thanks to Michael for his hard work and for his allowing the file to be hosted here.

The Encyclopedia of Orb