I have written two amateur gamebooks that can be viewed on this site: The Curse of the Yeti and The Bodies in the Docks. These can be viewed via the Writing page. Both of these gamebooks have also been converted to more complicated systems over on the FFProject website, with automated bookkeeping and combats.

If you're interested in gamebooks, you may also like to check out the two I have written for Tin Man Games:

An Assassin in Orlandes Curse of the Assassin

I also co-authored a module for the computer game Neverwinter Nights based on the gamebook The Forest of Doom by Ian Livingstone, which you can download from the Downloads page.

As an active member of the Project Aon team, I am constantly on the lookout for various pieces of rare Lone Wolf merchandise and magazine articles that we can photograph/scan for inclusion on the site. Fellow Aon member Cerulean and I have developed a Wishlist for all the rare merchandise we would like photographs/scans of. If any reader has any of these items, particularly the miniatures, we would really like to hear from you! If you could photograph/scan in these rare items and E-mail the results to us, we can finally start removing things from the list!

SVG Flowcharts

Solution Files

Magazine PDFs

These files are PDF reproductions of mini-adventures that have appeared in various magazines over the years, and even PDF facsimiles of some complete gamebook magazines. This section will grow slowly as-and-when I am sent scans of these mini-gamebooks.

Proteus Magazine PDFs

Warlock Magazine PDFs

The Dark Usurper PDFs

Miscellaneous Gamebook Files

My piece de resistance is my Atlas of the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan. This Atlas brings together all the maps of Titan ever published in all the Fighting Fantasy books. Also included are landscapes and cityscapes where appropriate. As of October 2009, the Atlas is complete.

Atlas of Titan (~100Mb)

Ever wondered what the colour inserts for the original A4 edition of Out of the Pit looked like? Well, wonder no longer, as they have been scanned for posterity!

Out of the Pit Colour Inserts

Here's an interesting rarity for fans of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks: Steve Jackson's 1986 board game based on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Originally published by Games Workshop, this fun boardgame has been PDFed for your playing pleasure. All that's missing are the six plastic playing figures and the two red wooden dice!

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Board Game

One final Fighting Fantasy download (for now) is the collected monster list for the Fighting Fantasy series which I originally compiled for I provide a ZIP archive of it, but be aware that it unarchives to a 6Mb+ webpage. Much assistance was provided by Daniel Flanders (I think!) in compiling this list. Thank you.

The Fighting Fantasy Monster Compendium

Dungeons and Dragons Sticker Book

This choose your own adventure book for younger readers is based on the popular 80s animated series, with all the main characters referenced. Thanks to John Veness for pushing this quite rare gamebook in my direction.

Dungeons and Dragons 1986 Annual

These two very short choose your own adventure stories appeared in the Dungeons & Dragons Annual 1986. They are very loosely based on the popular 80s animated series, with all the main characters referenced. Thanks to Leigh Loveday for scans of these.

Hosted Files